Saturday, March 21, 2009

The following appeal is from the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE). They were present at the recent World Water Forum in Istanbul, Turkey and were witnesses to the suppression of protesters at same. What they are asking is that you email our dear comrade leader Sneaky Stevie to demand that water and access to same should be a human right.
Steven Harper needs to hear that water is a human right‏:
CUPE and public water activists from around the world are protesting the corporate-driven World Water Forum in Istanbul right now and they need your help.
Email Steven Harper about water as a human right

Canada's delegates at the World Water Forum need make a strong stand against privatizing water and for public control of water as a means of protecting the right to water for all.

They're not going to do it unless they get the word from the Prime Minister.

So please send an email to Steven Harper right now while the forum is still going on, so that Canada can be part of the solution, as opposed to the other thing.

Please go to THIS LINK to send the following letter to our dear comrade beloved leader Steven Harper.
As labour and social justice organizatıons from Canada attending the fifth World Water Forum in Istanbul, Turkey from March 16 to 22, we are writing to express our concern about Canada's failure to recognize the human right to water.

We also must share our objectıons to the forum’s corporate mandate, whıch is fundamentally ıincompatibleth solvıng the global water crisis.

Canada must support the recognition of water as a human right in the Forum's ministerial statement, and in domestic law. The only way to guarantee the universal right to water is to ensure that water remains a public trust that is publicly controlled and delivered.

We also demand that Canada support the call for this to be the last World Water Forum.
Discussions to determine water policy must be conducted openly and transparently in a democratic space free from corporate influence, using the United Nations framework.

The World Water Forum is a corporate-driven event that has allowed transnational water corporations to influence public policy, while the voices of civil socıety and labour, includıng the people who rely on or lack public water and sanitation services, are excluded.

The world’s water companies would like to see water defined as a human need, enabling them to control and sell water to the highest bidder for profit. Enshrining water as a human right protects vital water and sanitation services from privatization, ensuring access for all.At every World Water Forum meeting since 2000, Canada has refused to assert water as a human right. In March 2008, Canada played a key role in blocking a motion by Germany and Spain to have water recognized as a human right at the UN Human Rights Council.

A growing list of countries are choosing to distinguish themselves from Canada and the United States by recognizing the right to water. We call on Canada to join them, and play a positive role in ending the global water crisis.

I request a response to my concerns.

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