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Élections du Canada un autre point de vue. /CANADIAN ELECTIONS, ANOTHER VIEW:

Les camarades de la NEFAC-Saguenay ont produit une affiche appelant à l'abstention lors de la prochaine élection canadienne. L'avis de la Voix de Faits blog au Québec est reproduit ci-dessous.

Molly ne sait pas à la sagesse de cette. Comme je l'ai dit avant sur ce blog, je pense que ce n'est pas le bon moment pour un "Ne votez pas" campaign. Notre occasions d'influencer les « partis gauche >> sont exactement zéro étant donné la manière dont le mouvement anarchiste est.

L'utilité d'une telle campagne repose donc sur la réussite de il peut être à convaincre les «non-politiques>> de le cas anarchiste pour "action directe" en dehors du processus politique. Abstention, par elle-même, ne fait rien. Molly est d'avis que cette campagne serait inutile dans le Canada anglais en ce moment, mais la situation peut être très différents au Québec.
De toute façon ...
The comrades of the NEFAC-Saguenay have produced a poster calling for abstention in the upcoming Canadian elections. The notice from the Voix de Faits blog in Québec is reproduced below.
Molly doesn`t know abouit the wisdom of this. As I have expressed before on this blog I don`t think that this is the proper time for a `Don`t Vote`campaign. Our chances of influencing the `left parties`are exactly zero given how small the anarchist movement is.
The utility of such a campaign depends upon how successful it may be in convincing the 'non-political' of the anarchist case for "direct action" outside of the political process. Abstention, by itself, does nothing. Molly is of the opinion that such a campaign would be useless in English Canada at this time, but the situation may be quite different in Québec.

Affiches anti-électorales
La NEFAC et le CRAC-Saguenay viennent de sortir des affiches abstentionnistes pour la campagne électorale fédérale.
Noir et blanc format paysage
Rouge et noir format paysage
Noir et blanc format portrait
Rouge et noir format portrait
L'image ci-dessus est un exemple de ce affiche. /The image above is an example of this poster.


Renegade Eye said...

I believe a transitional state to anarchism is needed. Since you live in a bourgeoise society, you'll carry bad atitudes. A butterfly can't exist without a caterpillar.

Instead of saying transitional state, let's say commune.

Nicolas said...

Actually, there are no NEFAC-Saguenay. What happened is that the Quebec collectives of NEFAC united with a Saguenay collective (the CRAC) for this poster initiative (wich goes hand in hand with some other prop's such as a radio program, the front page of our paper as well as regular blog coverage).

The slogans where a Quebec-city proposal. The original poster was made by someone in Montreal. And we decided to go ahead because, among other things, folks from outside the organisation asked us to do it.

If only because it permit us to work with a non-affiliated collective in a region where we have no members, this campain is worthwile.

mollymew said...

Sigh, we'll never agree about this matter. It's 1871 again and everyone is agrueing about the significance of the Paris Commune. Fine and dandy, but, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. The record of "Marxism in power" has ALREADY proved to the great and grevious majority of the world's population that the "Leninist road to socialism" ends up with regimes that that are usually far worse !!!! than what they replaced. Such is life and history. To put it bluntly-"nobody kills like a commie kills", and to put it as a response to your Trotskyism-I simply DON'T believe that your image of yourself as the "good guys" can overcome the natural tendency of human corruption when certain people achieve power. GOD ALMIGHTY- I KNOW that I !!! would be a rather savage holder of power. If I have this realistic view of myself !!! why should I trust ANY Leninist party when they try and reassure others that they are "different" from what has actually happened in history.
Don't forget the fact that Molly's bastard heritage includes a mother who was born in Simferopal, Crimea, and that I am fully aware of the old Russian saying that "it could have been worse under Trotsky". Stalin essentially stole Trotsky's program(ie the "militarization of labour) and put it into full effect. Just beacuse Stalin was insane doesn't mean that Trotsky's cold and anti-human ideology would not have led to what the Soviet Union ended up as, minus the paranoid purges(but, from a general viewpoint who the fuck cares about commiues who built their own trap?) but equally as bad, or worse, in terms of the ordinary ie non-political Russian person.
In any case it's irrelevant to THIS blog. You've been dropping by here long enough to get the general trend of this blog. Surely you must have noticed that I AM NOT A REVOLUTIONIST ie a believer in Revolution. My anarchism is "gradualist" . At the age of 57 I don't just think- I KNOW- that there will be no revolution in my country or in the USA in what few years are left to me. That's fine by me. I ALSO think revolutions are undesireable. As to my comrades who actually believe in "revolution" I leave their own response to them, but I can ASSURE you that they have adequate responses, as I have learned over the last decades.
So...what does the "transitional state" mean to me ? Try and guess because it is obvious. The "transitional state" to a gradualist is what was here the day before yesterday, yesterday, today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, extended ad infinitum to the past and the future. The so-called "transitional state" is, to me, an ideological dream. The here and now and a gradual approach to a libertarian socialist society is what I care about.

I would also suggest that my own view of "human nature" is a lot "grimmer" and more realistic than yours. This is one of the main reasons that I distrust Leninist parties who claim that they would NEVER repeat the mistakes of the past. Put so-called anarchists, of which I am one, in similar positions of power as that proposed by Leninist parties and THEY would be corrupted. Why should I believe YOUR protestations of innocence when I don't trust my own comrades or even MYSELF ? Think about it, and try to understand the lessons of history.

All that being said I have to admit that I have a soft spot in my stoney heart for the Trots. My own experience of them in all their florid variety for almost 40 years has convinced me that I DON'T have to read them "out of the human race" as I often do with other Leninists. I am willing to "be in the same room" as them, which is something I can't say for thugs such as the Maoists.I would, however, be VERY careful about coalitions with Trotskyists. Some of them are at least as manipulative as what I call the "real commies" even if they are far less effective.
Let me sum up Trotsyism in a few words. Generally their "hearts are in the right place even if their heads are not". I think that they are naive and much too prone to "historical amnesia"- an especially bad offense for those such as Marxists who claim, like the Bishop of Rome, some sort of "historical infallibity". I actually RARELY see any immediate difference between left wing anarchists and left wing Trotsyists when the chips are down and it is a question of what should be done in the next few days or weeks. In such situations we tend to agree. It all comes down to what is the best way to "go from there", and as for that Trotskyists and anarchists almost always disagree. That is NOT unexpected given the different goals of anarchists and Trotskyists in the long term.
So, thanks for the comment. I am sure that I cannot convince you because the argument in the end is emotional and moral, and you would have to go on the road to Damascus to appreciate what I have said.