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It seems that the melamine/milk scandal isn't quite over. The following product has been flagged by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency on October 8 as being possibly contaminated by melamine:

These treats have been sold across Canada at Costco stores and may also have been on the shelves at various dollar and bulk stores. If you have purchased such items prior to Halloween or if you are a parent with children who may be trick or treating be advised to discard any of this product.

Sort of sad actually. The fake gold coins were always one of Molly's favourite junk foods. Even more amazing to find out that they are made with product imported from China. You don't have to go very far to find the nearest cow around here in Winnipeg. One wonders how the Chinese product could be competitive with all the transport costs included. Maybe sweatshop wages have something to do with it.

Here are two more products that the CFIA has flagged for melamine content in the month of October:
*Mengniu Strawberry Flavour Sour Milk (Oct 15)
*OK OK Kaiser Pretzels (Oct 1)

Looks bad ? It's nothing compared to the ongoing listeriosis saga. The new Conservative government may proceed with its plans to privatize food inspection, plans that led to the present listeria contamination problem. Here's another list, this time for products flagged in the month of October-so far- for containing listeria. think about this, and the deaths that have resulted so far from listeria when you hear about how much more "efficient" industry self-regulation is.
*Dunn's Famous brand smoked meat (Oct 7)
*Plaisirs Gastronomiques brand sandwiches (Oct 20)
*Roast beef sold at certain deli counters in Ontario (Oct 21)
*SAVCOM brand sandwiches (Oct 22)
*Roast beef sold at certain deli counters in Ontario (Oct 22)
*Oickles Tasty Bite sandwiches (Oct 23)
*Deli roast beef sold at certain stores in Atlantic Canada (Oct 24)
*William Davis roast beef sandwiches (Oct 24)

Molly has a little bone to pick on this matter personally as she has a standing promise to reply to a comment on this blog made by either a manager or owner of Beef Northwest in the USA, where they claim that they are oh-so-good because they conform to the "standards", as they are, of an industry set up regulatory body down America way. But more on this later.

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