Friday, October 31, 2008

Sorry, no punctual, penetrating, purulating, punctilious, perfect, practical, poetic political programs today, but rest assured we'll return to our regular channel in the morrow.
Until then have a Happy Halloween, Molly's favourite holiday. Sad to say we only got about 50 or 60 kids at the door, a big drop from last year. This was despite the fact that I spent about 3 weeks decorating the yard. Fewer people seem to have done the yard decoration thing this year, but there were still parents driving the kids around to stop at houses with decorations. Such a difference from the Halloweens of my childhood. No biffies to tip here in the city for one thing.
Ah well, back to the old grind tomorrow.

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Larry Gambone said...

We only had 4 kids down from 25 last year. Mind you it was raining this time. Nonetheless an old COMMUNAL tradition is dying - replaced by phony Halloween parties in shopping malls. Commercialism has taken over everything! One of the motivating factors have been fears spread by the media of what might happen to their kids if they prowl the neigborhood in the dark. Then the persistence of the urban legend - poisoned candy or needles in the oranges. The latter story was even being told when I was a kid way back before the Flood.