Wednesday, October 24, 2007

During the 2007 IWW General Assembly the women's caucus of the IWW met to discuss issues on gender and inclusion. The results of the discussion were that a list of new IWW projects was drawn up. These include the following:
A. Work with Organizing Department and Organizing Training Committee to include information in their training sessions as to how workers can deal with sexism/racism/homophobia in the process of organizing. To sign up for this project email Sarah at
B. Compile a booklet in which women, queers and people of colour share personal anecdotes from their experiences in labour activism. Focus on relevance to the IWW, direct action and worker run community organizing. Contact Kirsten at about this project.
C. Draw up a "culture of inclusion" policy paper to be presented at the next IWW General Assembly.
D. Publicize the "Sato Fund" through the IWW and other outlets.
For more information on the IWW women's caucus contact Stephanie at or at Box, 1211, New York, NY 10029. there is also an open listserve at . Also see for more information on the projects and for the website promoting these projects.
Molly Note: The 'Sato Fund' is a memorial scholarship for students interested in the study of Hawaiian Creole English. it was set up to commemorate the work of linguist Charlene Sato. The website is . In addition to her academic work Sato was a long term IWW activist until her death in 1996.

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