Tuesday, October 23, 2007


On October 6 NATO held military exercises in Croatia. While political and military "elites" visited the events anarchists organized protsts in Zagreb, Pula and Split. Anarchists wanted to show that there are people who are against the participation of Croatia in this military alliance. Better to do something than to watch everything with apathy. For some time now groups such as Food Not Bombs have done actions calling for No NATO ! Besides FnB there are anarcho-syndicalists and queer-anarchists who participate with them in such actions.

Anarchists planned an action in the city of Zadar, but the city council refused to grant permission for it. So they moved their actions to October 13. They hung banners and stickers against NATO on bridges. In Split Food Not Bombs talked with people on the street, gave out leaflets and hung a banner from a church tower, One day before the exercises in Zagreb anarchists hung banners and put up stickers in the centre of the town. They did one more action on October 7. Although the actions seemed small they were visible, and people saw that not everybody agreed with participation in NATO. We can't wait to have somebody do something for us. We must take the initiative and act. We know best what we need, not some politicians who have nothing in common with us.
Photos http://www5.autistici.org/anarhizam/index.php?option=com_content&task=vi

As Glas Istre reports after the actions in Zagreb, Split and Zadar anarchists from Pula participated in actions against NATO. In the night between Sunday and Monday banners against the military organization were hung in several places in Pula. An anti-NATO banner with a nazi sign was hung on one bridge while another banner with the question "NATO peace keeper ?" was hung at the highway. The banner 'NATO=WAR' was hung in the centre of the town. There were also stickers in the town that read "they want us like parents who prepare their own children to be ready for war" and "war has a need for us; we have no need for war".

Anarchists showed that there are people who are against NATO. In their leaflets they said that as a generation that has survived war that they know very well what war is about and don't wish it on anyone at any time. The action in Pula was organized by anarchists who call themselves "Anonymous in Black".

Molly Note: The above text has been altered slightly for grammatical reasons. The original translation into English can be seen HERE. What impresses Molly most about this news item is that it is one more example of just how widespread the anarchist ideas have become. Croatia seems like an unlikely place to find anarchists and not just isolated group or two with a small scattering of individuals but groups who can organize public events in more than one city. very pleasant news.

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