Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This one came as something of a surprise. According to an article in the Spanish Meneame the Catalan Ministry of Labour has "awarded" the collaborationist CCOO with full possession of the trade union central building on Via Laietana in downtown Barcelona. This includes the 9th and 10th floors of the building which have been occupied by the anarchosyndicalist CGT for 21 years. When Molly and company visited Barcelona about 9 years ago the building was occupied by the CCOO, the UGT and the CGT, the CGT having the higher floors (appropriately) with one of the best views of downtown Barcelona from their cafeteria. The CCOO, of course, is the union federation created by the now almost defunct Spanish Communist Party. While the Party has almost become a thing of the past the hacks running "their" union haven't lost any of the old communist talent for conspiracy and betrayal. Doing their level best to sabotage any true radical opposition to austerity measures in Spain has earned them their reward from the newly elected right wing nationalist government of the Convergència i Unió in Catalonia. Seems like the commies have never lost their old talents as evidenced by their repression of the Spanish Revolution and, of course, the Hitler-Stalin pact.

There is more on this situation here (in Catalan) at the website of the CGT Catalunya, as well as the original article from the CGT's Rojo Y Negro. What follows is a brief translation from the Spanish at the Meneame site. I hope to follow this story as it would be a sad loss if the bureaucrats of the CCOO gain control of the whole building. Apparently the UGT was evicted some years earlier. If the CGT didn't protest at that time ( I don't know ) they damn well should have and shame on them if they didn't. The basic bottom fact is that pretty well any "ally" is preferred to the communists as they will always stab you in the back when the time is convenient.

The Ministry of Labour awards the CCOO all of trade union building in Barcelona, including the floors of the CGT
by jozegarcia
The Ministry of Labour gave all the trade union building on Via Laietana in Barcelona to the CCOO, including floors 9 and 10 currently occupied by the CGT of Barcelona. From April to December 2010, eight months, the Ministry of Labour had given the CCOO floors 7, 8, 9 and 10 leaving the entire building in the hands of CCOO.

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