Saturday, October 17, 2009

Local left wing legend Nick Ternette is recovering from his bout with gangrene that claimed both his legs-and his teeth as well. His previous cancer treatment (I can sympathize here) made him susceptible to the infection that nearly claimed his life. Molly has only rarely agreed with Nick's politics, and any agreement that happened was much more by coincidence than anything else. On the other hand the vast public outpouring of support for Nick has come mainly from people who disagreed with him at least as much, or maybe more so, than I do. Here in Winnipeg there is great admiration for his "stick-to-it-veness" from all sorts of people, even our local right wing rag, the Winnipeg Sun. Of course I could mention that right wing statists have a lot more in common with left wing statists than either does with anarchists, but that would be mean spirited. I share the general admiration for Nick's determination however much I might disagree with his vision of socialism. The Winnipeg Sun has recently published an interesting item under Laurie Mustard's column about how the Minuk Denture Clinic has offered to provide Nick with new dentures as soon as his recovery permits. Great stuff. There is also an event coming up next Thursday as the Winnipeg Labour Choir will be holding a sing-along next Thursday, October 22, at the Rehabilitation Hospital, 600 Sherbrook St., 2nd Floor Auditorium at 7pm. Catch it if you can. Thus the 'Singing for Nick' title of this post. Here's the item from the Winnipeg Sun.
Yes, cheese is just one of the many things a happy and healing Nick Ternette enjoys chowing down these days thanks to his new dentures courtesy of Minuk Denture Clinic.

Following Nick's near-death duel with infection that claimed both of his legs recently, a battle that also included the removal of all of his teeth, the good people of Minuk offered to replace Nick's chompers as soon as his recovery allowed. Thanks to the remarkable work of denturist Morgan Ganetsky, mission accomplished.

Nick is thrilled to be going home Nov. 9, and in the meantime invites all who so desire to "Come sing along with the Winnipeg Labour Choir, in friendship and solidarity with Nick and Emily Ternette", on Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Rehabilitation Hospital, 800 Sherbrook St., 2nd floor auditorium.

Nick and Emily would love to see you there.

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