Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's a good news day today. Charges against Anishinabek activist Roberta Keesick for (I shit you not) an Indian building an Indian cabin on Indian land have been dropped. probably because carrying on with the case would involve an eventual Charter challenge. Rather than risk that and seeing the regulations of the Province of Ontario dissolve in smoke the prosecution has decided to drop the charges. Here's the announcement sent to the Roberta Keesick Facebook support group.
All charges on Roberta Keesick for building a log cabin without a permit have been dropped:
Official Announcement
: All charges on Roberta Keesick for building a log cabin without a permit have been dropped.

Therefore, there will be no trial in Red Lake, Ontario Oct 20-23/09!!!!!!!

We would like say thank you to everyone for their positive support and prayers for this case. Many people sent emails, sent prayers, put tobacco down and cared about Roberta and this case.

Roberta said she is very happy that the charges have been dropped, but is sad that it put her 5 years back in building her log cabin until the trial was done. She had to travel to Red Lake, Ontario for 2 years (5 hour drives from Grassy Narrows) only to get her case remanded after a 5 minute session with the judge. Roberta had a lot of perseverance and always prayed for a good lawyer and she found one.

Roberta said she believes that now any anishinabe can build a log cabin in the forest unhindered by the govt.

There were supporters in Winnipeg that set up an evening fundraiser for her legal cost during the winter and many people were involved and worked hard.

Roberta also said she hope that more anishinabek will go back into the forest and utilize the land as our ancestors have and train our children, grandchildren how to survive in there.
Thanks to everyone for their support.
Gitchi Meegwetch!!!!!

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