Friday, October 02, 2009

This one is for our American readers. The following appeal to petition the US Congress comes from the American Jobs With Justice Coalition. I must say that the overwhelming 'inclusiveness' of what the petitioners ask for makes it more a statement of a general mood than an actual demand. It still, however, may be useful.
Tell Congress: Jobs, Homes, Health Care - NOW!:
Near record unemployment levels mean that 25 million Americans are out of work or forced to scrape by on part-time jobs.

This year alone, about 2 million families will be evicted due to the foreclosure crisis.

The 'bailout bandit' banks plan to pay $75 Billion in executive bonuses this year, while pushing people from homes and jobs, charging obscene fees and eliminating jobs. They are also spending million of dollars lobbying against a recovery for the rest of us.

The health insurance industry makes massive profits by denying care and spends millions fighting any reform.

Yet, many pundits and some in Congress say everything is OK. It's back to "business as usual."

We must tell Congress that the crisis is very real, that there is no such thing as a "jobless recovery" and that we need bold action to create jobs and make the economy work for everyone.

Across the country, JwJ coalitions held more than 30 actions this week, at banks and other 'corporate criminals,' saying that "enough is enough!"

Show your support by sending a message to congress today!
If you live in the USA please go to THIS LINK to send the following message to the US Congress.
Official unemployment is its highest is 26 years. Counting underemployed and discouraged workers, about 25 million Americans need jobs, right now. Two million families will be evicted from their homes this year due to foreclosure, while the "bailout bandit" banks pay obscene bonuses, charge unfair fees and block a recovery for the rest of America.

There is no such thing as a jobless recovery. Don't let the scare tactics and corporate lobbyists choke off a real recovery.

Our country needs bold action from Congress to make the economy work for everyone.
- Pass a jobs and economic recovery program that will create millions of good jobs and build the infrastructure for a sustainable recovery. The jobs program must directly create jobs through a WPA-type program, invest in public services like education and transit and retool private sector manufacturing.
- Don't let the banks evict people facing foreclosure. If they can't renegotiate mortgages, let the families stay on paying fair rent. This costs taxpayers nothing, prevents homelessness and stabilizes communities.
- Fix health care, with a robust 'public option' and further cost controls
- Break up and regulate the finance sector, including a Consumer Finance Protection Agency with real enforcement power and other regulations
- Tax financial transactions, to limit rampant speculation and generate needed revenue from the sector that largely caused the meltdown.

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