Monday, July 16, 2007

Molly has a policy when visiting anywhere else. The first thing that she does is get a big slug of the local water. If anything is going to happen might as well get it over with. Now nothing ever has happened because Molly makes it a policy to never go anywhere where she is not the biggest threat to the local water quality.
Of course nothing happened in Ottawa. The water tasted "different", but that was about it. Getting back to Winnipeg Molly turned on the old tap. Phewww ! You have to go somewhere else to appreciate just how bad Winnipeg's water actually is. Sorta like the sludge scrapped off the bottom of the litter box. I guess that that is the City's filter system. So...Ottawa may not have good grass, but it definitely has better water by far. I have no clue about the source or water treatment methods of Ottawa's water, but it's a much better source and/or treatment than Winnipeg has.
Speaking of bad taste the first can of Guiness I had when coming home also tasted "off". Now this may merely be the difference between drinking draft Guiness as opposed to canned stuff, but it's also certain that the stuff I drank in Ottawa had a much better taste. Maybe they shouldn't add that widgit to the can.
If given a choice Molly would definitely choose good water and beer over a green lawn. So Ottawa gets two bonus points over home.

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