Thursday, July 05, 2007

Over the last few days Molly has been preparing to go on vacation. One week ! I'm sure the world will carry on without me. The care of the cats and the feeding of the rabbits and squirrels has been arranged. Not necessarily the care of the cats by feeding them rabbits and squirrels. Molly managed to lure one of the squirrels into close enough contact that she could have almost reached out and touched it. Molly counts 3 red squirrels and two grey squirrels visting her buffet in the back yard. Only two rabbits by the latest count. I think one of the youngsters got killed.
Anyways, the number of posts here will diminish as I can only post from internet cafes when I am away. Also, no cutsy graphics. I hope to send a few in, but time will tell.
In terms of "bits and pieces" I am disappointed that 'Ann Coulter Naked' gets so many more hits than 'Kropotkin's Concept of Justice' (none !), but really what do you expect ? I've even got hits for searches labelled 'Molly Naked'. Woo woo. Eat your heart out Pamela Anderson. One quick bum wiggle and there's 150,000 wet pants out there in teenage nerdland. I'll try and get a wall poster out soon.
The other unfinished business is the continued comments between myself and a person from Kenora Ontario about the state of native claims in Canada today. A little more serious this one. I mention this here because the post is soon to disappear below the horizon into the archives (perhaps with this post). I urge both my correspondent and the readers to go searching for it if it does. I'm totally willing to continue the argument/conversation for as long as possible. It's actually quite an important subject.
For now, a few more posts may appear before, as the song says, "I'm leaving in a jet plane".
Molly while packing

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