Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Even since the days of John Diefenbaker no Canadian politician has understood that dogs know best what to do with polls. Modern parties live, breathe and eat pollls, everything but the sensible thing that a dog would do. In the absense of actually having different policies , let alone differing general philosophies, let alone different ideologies (perish the though of such horrible things) modern political parties examine the entrails of opinion polls with all the devotion of those who once believed that the liver of a slaughtered sheep (there's a metaphor here with modern voters having wool) could tell them exactly what symbolic offereing to make to the gods. In this light a recent article in the Harper Index is quite interesting. Author Marc Zwelling, of Vector Research, analyses some recent finds about voters' likes and dislike in terms of both the Harper Conservatives and other parties. Interesting, but don't let any poll results override common sense. To read this article go to http://www.harperindex.ca/View/Article.cfm?Ref=0061

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