Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Molly often tracks back on her visitors, and thus she came upon the gem (perhaps) illustrated to the left. The original source is a Vancouver Island blog, Word of Mouth Blog, that Molly has just added to her links list under the 'Blogs' section. Seems only fair as Molly's Blog is listed there too. The blog is quite interesting. Its motto is "no word too conservative or too radical". When you go to this blog you will see the connection 'Ann Coulter Naked'. Be prepared to search as it merely connects to a list of links. The photo to the left comes out in one of the links that Molly finally found, but it takes some digging. Other photos can be found as well, some of them far less flattering. Whether they are all "true" or not is a matter that Molly has very little interest in searching down. Better things to do, like pick the dirt out from under my fingernails. The photo to the left, if real, has obviously been "enhanced". Coulter, after all, is one of those people who put the "S" back in "scrawny". Not that I think she wouldn't agree to this sort of thing. Let nobody accuse Coulter of "libertarian sentiments" which might make the posings consistant. "Libertarian" is the last thing you could accuse Coulter of being. If the pics are true then what they are an example of is "the arrogance of a criminal". Many criminals are eventually caught because they come to have a vastly underestimated view of the intelligence and persistance of both their victims and the police. Political would-be baby terrorists take note.
But speaking of Coulter... she's a crook plain and simple. She has discovered a scam that produces reams of money for practically no work. Her potty mouth may not equal Molly's at its worst, but she has the distinction of being able to sustain the the sort of "pissed off" pose in all her writing that others could only hope to achieve. Nobody can achieve it in reality, but Coulter is not real. Who knows what she believes in real life, if she believes anything at all besides the fact that Ann Coulter should have fame and money. Molly has seen this sort of psychopathy in action amongst anarchists where the perpetrator has chosen his victims well. What Molly has seen there says that at least some anarchists are more willing than the conservative audience that Coulter writes for to come out swinging against people who are embarassments to their beliefs. Some conservatives have indeed attacked Coulter in a half-hearted way, but the "tribal politics" has been such that sensible conservatives have generally ignored her, no matter how detrimental she may be to their cause. Well, gonorrhea doesn't go away just because you ignore it.
She's a crook, plain and simple. A con-artist. If the pictures are true they what they show is, once more, "criminal arrogance". In this case Coulter has chosen to mock her victims, conservative Americans who provide her with an inflated income. Will she be caught in this act ? Molly seriously doubts it. Most people are willing to forgive any number of transgressions as long as they can delude themselves that any attack on the enemy is good. That's the way of the world. Offenses by one's own side are considered less than an offense by the other side. Actually much less. No offense to conservative sensibilities will ever lead to any serious withdrawal of the sort of sponsorship that Coulter's income depends upon.
The seemingly endless series of scandals that have exposed the underbelly of American fundamentalism (like they have to a lesser degree exposed same in conservative parties across the world who don't depend on the taliban-like mixture of politics and religion that American conservativism does) is actually living proof that a large number of people (hopefully a minority) in the most powerful country in the world have got their moral priorities all back assward. To them putting your bad thing in the wrong place is such an obviously greater sin than theft (also fraud in the case of not just Coulter but many others) that theft can hardly be seen at all. To such people Molly might reply that the "social" prohibitions of the ten commandments (seperate from the ritual prohibitions) are overwhelmingly against either thievery or fraud (false witness). Jesus was even more emphatic on this point than the Old Testament. According to Jesus "misusing your bad thing" was a minor pecadillo that would always be forgiven while economic oppression (a subset of theft) was the "sin" that desrerved attention and correction.
Coulter's little act would convince any business person dealing with her to only accept cash or a credit card presented at the time of sale. No cheques from her. She might decide to scam you just for the sheer joy of it. Scamming can actually be fun for some sick puppies without a sense of honour, dignity, shame or conscience (pick any of the four). It is a source of pleasure seperate from the financial gain involved. Look at Coulter in this light, and you will understand her very well.

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