Saturday, July 21, 2007

Out there on the Sunshine Coast (ha ha) the good people of the Vancouver branch of the No One is Illegal organization have announced that they finally have their new website up and running. You can visit it at . They also have a blog at . Their own description of what they are is, "a grassroots anti-colonial immigrant/refugee rights community collective with leadership from members of migrant and/or racialized backgrounds". Molly wonders about the neologism "racialized" (a word that doesn't exist yet), but it's better than repeating one of the older and even more overused "neoleftlogisms" (Molly's own contribution to language pollution indicating a word used only in leftist context and nowhere else). There's also a section where you can sign up for alerts from NOII.
For some reason she forgets Molly has had this website, and its sister the blog, listed in her links section for some time. Worth visting anyways.
No One is Illegal is a Canada wide "network" rather than an organization of people working around the issues of immigration in all their many ramifications. One of the more active branches of this movement is the Montreal area branch from which comes the poster on the left above. People is eastern Canada are presently organizing to protest the upcoming August 20th meeting of the leaders of Canada, the USA and Mexico(the Security and Prosperity Partnership) in Montebello near to Ottawa. Much more on this later. At the other end of the country the Vancouver website also contains material on this protest. People in Quebec are also organizing a series of community assemblies in the leadup to this meeting and protest to inform citizens about the impact of what Molly would call the "plots" of the leaders at this meeting. You can access the schedule at . Furthermore the Montreal site also contains info on an upcoming (August 14th) demonstration planned to demand that CN Rail drop its lawsuits against native groups at Tyendinaga over rail line blockages.
Finally, there is a petition at this site that reads, 'Urge the Province of Ontario to Stop Licensing the Plunder of First Nations Land. Go on over to read more and hopefully sign it.
A little Molly note on "placement". The astute and somewhat obscessive reader of this blog will notice that the main addresses for the No One is Illegal sites are placed under the general 'Links' section rather than under the 'Other Interesting Links' section. No one looking over these sites could understand that they are "anarchist" without assuming that "militance" is a dead give-away to "anarchism. Molly is very used to being in that minority of anarchists who are convinced gradualists, and all that she can say is that the people in noii have adopted a set of objectives that, no matter how much they might to spike them with "militance spice", are at least as reformist as anything that Molly might advocate. There is nothing wrong with that. If an issue demands immediate reforms pending the ever receding great apocalypse of "the revolution" and if these reforms are at least vaguely possible it's a great and good thing to work towards their implimentation. Molly disagrees quite vehemantly with the idea that "anarchism" consists of nothing more than a selection of "tactics", the more militant the better. It consists in reality of the selection of goals rather than tactics. Tactics are largely but not totally irrelevant. In football (North American version) it is often the wisest course to go for rushing rather than the long pass. A religious attachment to one set of tactics" loses the game.
The people in noii are largely "anarchist" however much some purists may view the quality of their anarchism. Molly is of the opinion that anarchists shouldn't try the sneaky "front tactics" made quite infamous by decades of commie manipulation. Trying to disguise things does neither anarchism, the people recuited, the issue itself nor the general public any good whatsoever. Modern anarchism does not consist of a centrally directing bureau infiltrating popular movements and trying to move them to a "correct line". Neither does it consist of setting up issue oriented groups whose main function is to recruit to some Party. The use of "front tactics" both corrupts anarchism and leads to cynicism amongst the public about the tactics of the anarchists.
The way that noii has organized is very much free of the leftist residue of "frontism". Molly has included many other organizations where it is obvious that the underlying politics are say social democrat or liberal(Molly would never list anything dominated by a Leninist group) under her 'Other Interesting Links' section. The overwhelming politics of noii is, however, libertarian, and Molly has chosen to include them undert the general 'Links' section. This action may be agrueable, but it is the best that I can conceive now. I'm open to criticism.

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