Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Once more Molly goes searching down the list of Blogs in her Links column, looking for the recent best. Today we have the letter "D":
The Carnival of Anarchy has extended its "anarchism and ecology" blog round for an extra week. Lots of input. Lots of different views. Not a mutual admiration show at all. Worth reading if only for the range of opinions expressed.
Chaparrals Blog has a roundup on recent raids on immigrants in the USA. The US economy runs on migrant labour, but some want to make the lives of such migrants as miserable as possible. Che Y Marijuana has an article on 'Northern Iraq's Tangled Web'. Interesting rundown of the complexities there. Rather hard to find in the site however. There's also a "Good News Roundup" at this site, something Molly thinks more political blogs, including her own, should have.
The Commie Curmudgeon picked up on the fact that last June 20th was the anniversary of the birth of Jean Paul Sartre. Molly never even got an invitation to the party. That's Ok though. I would have been embarrased being as I had nothingness to buy a gift. Finally there's an article in the Australian Contradiction blog on the financial wheelings and dealing of one of the darlings of the Australian trendy left. 'Garret Sells Out' is one more telling of the tale of corruption that is familiar to anybody who spends long enough on the left to get over their starry eyes. Yet, this story bears continual retelling as there is almost a conspiracy of silence about how common it is.

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