Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Molly was totally amazed by the number of hits that this blog gathered over the matter of the recent lunar eclipse, and she is only sorry that she was so surprised that she didn't give the further information provided the day before the eclipse earlier. But she never expected such a response- 387 hits in one day March 3rd for instance. I cannot understand why this blog should have become so popular over this one matter, though, in hindsight, I guess that I should have anticipated it. Full details will be posted long before the event for the next lunar eclipse coming up in August.
It was hard to keep up with the hits recorded, but some references stand out as exceptional. One was "lunar eclipse effect on squirrels". Well.... I can see why Molly's Blog should come to the top on such a search. Another was a little more strange. It read, "if the earth was tilted 45 degrees would the sun rise on Christmas day in Winnipeg Manitoba". I'm sure I could give an answer to such a question, but my curiosity is so engaged by the other question of "why" anybody should ask this question" that it's hard to get into it. Anyways, there were many other strange questions, mercifully very few of them revolving around astrology, but that was my little brush with fame, and I can't say that I am unhappy that it is gone. It was a lesson about what interests people and a reminder to give full details earlier. May I learn from this.

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