Saturday, March 17, 2007

"Dat Ol' cat Molly,
Dat Ol' cat Molly,
She jus' keep a linkin'
She jus' keep a linkin'
She jus' keep linkin' along"
I've recently added a whole slew of new links to this blog. Many are from the ex-Soviet Empire. I have only posted links from there that have English sections.They fall into a number of categories. For ease of browsing L= Links section, AS = Anarcho-syndicalist section, OLL= On Line Libraries, B=Blogs, and S= Scientific Links. In as much order as I can put to this here they are:
Under the Blogs Section
1) Anarcho Akbar, a Muslim anarchist site. B
2)Kropotkunin, a Canadian blog B
Under The Links section:
1)Anarchopedia An on-line version of wikipedia on anarchist subjects L
2)Praska Anarchist Group, from Warsaw Poland L
3)Revolutionary Manual, from Belarus L
4)A-Contra, Czech Republic L
6)Elf's Reading Room from Slovenia L
Under the Online Libraries Section:
1) a source of online books, pamphlets, images, audio, multimedia and software OLL
2), an online library of situationist and other texts OLL
3)Audio Anarchy, a source for audio and audiobooks resources OLL
Finally, under the Scientific Links section, two sites dealing with evolutionary psychology. One is a link to the Center for Evolutionary Psychology and the other is a text items of evolutionary psychology as applied to political problems.
That's it for now. Enjoy

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Thanks for sharing the links.