Saturday, March 24, 2007

On March 21st, the International day Against Racism (an anniversary that Molly missed through her own fault) fascists from the NOP (Polish National Rebirth an arm of the "Third Positionists" who attempt to recruit anarchists for fascism gathered for a demonstration for a "white Poland" and against immigration in Wroclaw,Poland. Their demonstration of about 100 people was opposed by about 300 anarchists and anti-fascists. The response of the police was to ignore the fascists and surround the anarchists, eventually leading to the arrest of two people. One of these, who was on crutches (very easy to catch I guess-Molly) were charged with "assaulting an officer". Pretty pitiful "assault" in Molly's opinion. The comrades were tried within 24 hours and sentenced to 2 years probation and ordered to pay a fine of 150 zlotnyies to a fund for the widows of policemen. Human rights groups (not anarchist) on the scene were scandalized by the fact that the police ignored the fascists and concentrated on attacks on the anarchists, even though fascist demonstrations are theoretically outlawed in Poland. For more news on this and other matters Polish please consult our Links section, especially the site recently added to our Links.

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