Saturday, March 24, 2007

Molly has seen a few items in the last little while that deserve her old title "Best of the Blogs". All of these can be accessed from her Links section to the left. These include Kevin Carson's latest offering at the Mutualist Blogspot ie 'Economic Calculation in the Cooperative Commonwealth', a rather heavy going study on an alternative form of economics, Larry Gambone's offering on the Porkupine Blog from anarchists who are more "pro-Chavez" than El Libertario (it should be noted that this site, in Spanish, has more than a few items from the struggle of indigenous people against Chavezista "progress" and these anarchists will be as likely to be crushed as the native peoples will be in the "socialist march to progress" of the developing Chavez dictatorship if the present trend continues. Molly has considerably less faith in South American populism than Larry does) and also a report on the anti-election campaign in Quebec from Shagya's Blog. this is a campaign carried out by the Quebec section of NEFAC and the Student Community Anarchist Network(SCAN) against next Monday's (March 26th) Quebec provincial election. Finally, from the Solidarity Across Borders site from Montreal is a news report about how the provincial government in Quebec is requiring Muslim women voters to "show their face" while voting in the election. More insulting than a fingerprint !
Molly has also added The Liberator Reloaded to her list of Blogs in her links section along with 'Agorist Class Theory' , by the same author, under the texts section. Not that I agree with everything he says, but the important point is that there are many alternatives to the "class analysis" taught in "Stalinism 101 for Dummies" by so many ageing New Left professors in so many universities in North America. May they all achieve retirement soon so new ideas can come in.
Finally, a little comment on blog layout. When Molly goes blog-surfing she often comes across blogs that are laid on with white writing on a black background. With rare excepts these are usually totally unreadable unless you highlight the text. Perhaps some people should consider the readability of what they present. It doesn't come up in other places like it does when you type it.


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Take a look at Konfused Iraqi Kid. Gaahh !

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Thanks, Pat!