Saturday, March 10, 2007

Molly has pretty well burned her bridges in crossing the Rubicon (how's that for mixed metaphors ?) in previous posts here about the AIT/anti-AIT debate in international syndicalism. Not that I can't swim back across the river if new evidence comes in because Molly, unlike almost all leftists, can form the words "I was wrong and I have changed my opinion" without choking on them. That being said there is a continuing debate on the Lib-Com site that illustrates, more or less, the various positions around the AIT/anti-AIT position, and I urge people who are interested in this matter to go on over to the site to look at it. When Molly visited Spain a few years ago she mostly spoke with people from the CNT ie the "opposition" to what she thinks is the proper way to proceed. All that being said she observed more than a little willingness on the part of some CNT members to put the fight behind them. That is Molly's position in a nutshell. She has more than a little sympathy for the "intransigents" of the CNT, but she thinks their input would be much more valuable in a unified syndicalist movement where they could influence MUCH larger numbers of people. Molly's basic goal is that she thinks that anarchism should provide an alternative to social democracy, and, as such, should fight on the terrain of a gradual approach to anarchism. This is the sort of approach that I consider the only realistic one for this century.


Larry Gambone said...

Message to xiaonanok. FUCK OFF PARASITE! This is a place for discusion, not you posting your nonsense.
Molly, I don't know how this piece of crap snuck in since you have to sign in

mollymew said...

Before I delete the comment from xiaonanok I gotta have some fun with it.
Guess where the comment came from ? Beijing !!!!! Wow, gold, gold, this guy xiaonanok probably shits pure gold. It seems I get more than my share of visitors from China, but this guy really seems to be amongst the strangest of the strange. I'm surprised that Molly's blog passes the censors in that country, but I'm equally surprised that such an obviously crooked enterprise escapes the police in that country. I guess that more than a few bribes have to be paid.

mollymew said...

The comment that inspired the reply from myself and Larry Gambone will soon be deleted. It's basically a scam spam trying to sell 'World of Warcraft' "gold" coming all the way from Beijing. But before I delete it here is my final thought.
Ya know "xiananok", what you are doing is either illegal per se in China ain't paying the taxes that you should. In either case consider that somebody with a lot of time and malevolence just might send a "squell note" to your government. Think about it before you consider continueing to spam across the world.
I understand that jails in your country can be VERY unpleasant. Molly is presently taking bids on your kidneys, and any other "spare" body parts that you might have.
Once more, think carefully about what you are doing.