Saturday, March 03, 2007

As I'll explain in a further post I've been rather flummoxed by the hits on this blog in the last few days. But one stood out as "different" from the others. It came in yesterday, March 2nd, amongst the flood of hits looking at the lunar eclipse post, but the search was different. It was for "Chinese Taiwanese calender" (say what ?), and related to the posts here on on the Chinese New Year. Fair and good, but the searcher was an employee in...The Microsoft Corporation.... Well, my curiosity was peaked(and piqued) when I saw the source of the hit so I went further. Always nice to know why Microsoft is paying attention to you. When I searched it down I found what they were looking for, as I said above. But here's the punch line...
Guess what Microsoft uses to search the internet? No, it's not their own search engine. It's, of course,....Google. Caught in the act guys.

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