Saturday, March 24, 2007

Two solidarity requests have come in from the Philippines. The first is from the Union Voice organization and concerns workers at the Chong Won Fashion Inc plant where workers are presently in the 6th month of a strike which has been marked by violent attacks on the part of the police. Union Voice is calling upon people to protest the continued intransigence of management, the obliviousness of Wal-Mart who buy the products, and the use of police as goons in the service of the company on the part of the Philippine government. to join this campaign go to
Also from the Philippines, an Info-Shop has opened in Davos City, a community in greater Manila. The "As a Whole Family" Infoshop claims to be the only infoshop now operating in the Philippines, and they are looking for donations, both financial and to their library. to get in contact with them via the following ways:
phone # 09-10-784-3814
Donations can be made to "As a Whole: Alternative Culture, Art Resource Center"
#386 Makiling St. (Lower)
Bangkai, Davao City
Philippines, 8000

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