Thursday, March 15, 2007

The anarchist newsletter 'Any Time Now: For Social Anarchism' has just come out in issue # 26, for the Spring of 2007. This issue features articles on the growing libertarian students' movement in Quebec, the USA and Chile. Also the statement of the Committee for the Defense of the Rights of the people based in Oaxaca, Mexico, 'Authority, Conformity and Mental Illness' by John Griffin and 'The British Distributionists', a review by Kevin Carson. Plus a whole raft of reviews and short items.
The pdf version of ATN can be viewed and downloaded at the website . Subscriptions to the printed version are available by donation at the mailing address: Any Time Now, c/o Affinity Place, Argenta BC V0G 1B0, Canada. Anyone who would like a sample printed copy just write to Molly here at Mollymew Productions, Box 172, Henderson Hwy., Winnipeg, MB R2L 2A5, Canada.

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