Saturday, September 15, 2007

There's a new poetry journal in town. PARSER: NEW POETRY AND POETICS, a literary magazine out of Vancouver BC says that they are,
No friend of the Standards. PARSER is a journal of poetry and poetics (whatever that is-Molly) with a penchant for anarchism. PARSER wants to help extend your social horizon. But PARSER wants you to read PARSER first.
The people published in this issue include:
Alice Becker-Ho
Alfredo Bonanno
Roger Farr
P. Inman
Reg Johanson
Wolfi Landstreicher
Dorothy Trujillo Lusk
John McHale
Aaron Vidaver
Rita Wong
The cost for a copy of the magazine is $10 until the end of 2007 and $12 in the future. Send orders to Parser, Box 2684, Stn Terminal, Vancouver BC, Canada V6B 3W8. The website of the magazine is . Email contact at

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