Sunday, March 16, 2008

The following is taken from the English language section of the Russian anarchist site Avtonom. In Russia today, in an atmosphere of xenophobic nationalism, neo-nazis run rampant. The government is much more concerned with other matters and sees no reason to oppose such trends, particularly as they encourage the attitudes that underlie the growth of such trends. Once more there has been some slight editing of the following for grammar.

16.03.2008 A new Nazi murder before a concert in Moscow
Today 16th of March around 6:40 PM local time, at the exit of metro station "Kitay-Gorod" ,around 15 Nazis ambushed with knives 7 people, who were going to a concert in club "Art Garbage", where Petrozavodsk oi!-band "Nichego Horoshego" and a number of other groups were to play. As a result of the attack, a young guest of the concert from Noginsk died from multiple stab wounds.

The Attack was planned on the internet, 14th of March in the forum of FC Spartak hooligans ( a theme was created, where an attack on the concert was discussed at Now the theme is deleted, but it may be recovered from search engine caches.

This is not first such assault. In April of 2006, 19 year old Sasha Ryukhin was murdered by Nazis before a punk concert

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