Monday, March 17, 2008

Well, we've staggered back from the Irish Club, and Molly is sorely disappointed. The wife went down to hold down the seats by five o'clock(she'll be in a bad state tomorrow morning). I staggered in with a few under my belt by seven. No premier there this year. At the beginning there were a few goons around, but by 9:30 when I had had enough to go in search all the thugs had disappeared. Not a suit to be seen in the place. I guess Gary got waylaid elsewhere. Shit !!! I missed an opportunity to bug him another year to declare St. Patrick's as a provincial holiday. Hey, it's a holiday in Newfoundland (also Ireland and Montserrat -go figure).
Anyways, I was foolish enough to start my whiskey tour from the bottom up. I got through all the "cheap", but I had barely finished the "slightly less than cheap" when it was time to go. Never even got into the "not cheap" stuff, let alone the "good stuff". I hope I'll be grateful tomorrow. Which brings an idea to mind. Never mind declaring St. Paddy's Day as a holiday. How about making the day after a stat ? Seems more rational to me.
Happy Hangover Day- Molly.

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