Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mercifully (???) the numbers of hits on Molly's Blog are still usually so few that I can spare the time to "track back' where they come from on most days. In light of this I have gone in search of a large number of hits that have recently come from the country of Turkey. Now I have always received a few hits from Turkey, either following anarchist matters or matters astronomical. But the recent selection comes from some manner in which Molly's Blog has been listed as a source for either "timiryazeva", the "timiryazeva museum" or "timiryazeva museum protests" and certain variations thereof. To my knowledge I have never blogged on such a thing. I went in search of this on this blog, and the results confirmed what I must admit is an often faulty memory. No mention of such a thing anywhere in the almost 1,200 entries here.
The "city" (location ?) of "timiryazeva" is apparently located somewhere in Uzbekistan, a bit south of Novosibirsk in the Russian Republic. Now I have often blogged on matters Russian here(my mother was born in Crimea). I can also see how people in Turkey would be interested in events in another Turkic country such as Uzbekistan. But I still cannot see the connection to 'Molly's Blog'. I know nothing about Timiryazeva (or "Timiryazev" in some sources) beyond a vague location. The Khan "Timur"(from whom the location presumably derives its name) was, to my knowledge, not even a Turk but rather a Mongol. This adds to my puzzlement. Anyways, this is one of the wonders of the internet where "machine logic" is not scrutinized by simple common sense.
Can anybody enlighten me as to why Molly's Blog has become a source for some event in that location ?

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