Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The No! G8 group, organizing against the coming G8 summit in their country this July, condemn the actions of the Japanese government in deporting a German activist who was coming to Japan to participate in their actions. This is their statement below....
Here is the statement from No! G8 Action in Japan against the Japanese Immigration in blocking international solidarity.
We Firmly Condemn Deportation of Martin Kramer to Russia
March 14, 2008, Japanese Immigration Bureau refused entry of and deported a German activist Martin Kramer who came to Japan to participate in anti-G8summit at Lake Toya held in this coming July.
Martin came to Japan to tell his experience of anti-G8 at Heiligendamm to Japanese movements and deepen exchange with people who share his anger against G8.
We, No! G8 Action, condemn unjust response of Japanese government,and demand the following:
1. State clearly the reason of exclusion of Martin, and apologize officially.
2. Admit Martin to Japan immediately and unconditionally.
3. Back off all refusals of entry on the ground of thought and creed.Admit all activists who will participate in anti-G8 actions unconditionally.
We, No G8 Action, appeal to all comrades to raise protests against human rights abuse, reinforcement of security/repression, and surveillance society. Express your will of protest against the Japanese government's deportation of Martin Kramer to "Russia" towards embassies of Japan and Germany which he came from. While in Japan, various groups and networks are going to take some actions against this situation as well as legal groups are going to protest it,and prepare with steady help for activists around the world enter to Japan It is necessary to develop domestic and international protest actions against Japanese government for putting over international solidarity in anti-G8 movement in July. We call on convergence for fight to win our "freedom to move," "freedom of solidarity." NO! G8 Actionhttp://a.sanpal.co.jp/no-g8/

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