Friday, March 28, 2008

Sometime during the last hour this blog has been spammed by someone calling himself "Hammertime". He has posted nothing more than his address in multiple posts on this blog. My first thought, judging from the name, was that this was some fascist nut. Wrong ! Going to the site mentioned I found out that he is an incredibly illiterate fool who imagines that his blog is somehow supportive of the NDP. A sample of his mastery of the English language follows below(no editing this time)...

"anonymous your pathetic Non-Responsive Response continues with no shame or any intelligences or political facts at all, but more noise after noise etc etc etc ie strawman, fault economy moot points to no end but thats typical CORPORATE BAYSTREET BOARD ROOM CONSERVATIVE/Liberal CONSERVATIVE the parties of EXPLOITATION AND OPPRESSION yesterday today and tomorrow. VOTE NDP/NPD RE-ELECT NDP TONY MARTIN MP"

My God ! We have a Shakespeare in our midst. Bad drugs ! Bad drugs! A long time ago I said that I would never delete replies here just because I didn't agree with them. I will soon be going down all the posts that this fool has spammed, and deleting every single one of his addresses. The address is ALL that he has left anywhere. So, pick it up while it's still here kiddies. I do this, not because I dislike the NDP, but rather because I am actually doing them a big favour. Molly does her level best to insult and demean idiots who have adopted the anarchist tag. If I was a member of the NDP I'd be just as determined to get rid of fools like this. You never have to be embarrassed by those who are your enemies, but those who want to claim your friendship can be very shame producing. I am also annoyed by the childish manner in which this ad has been presented. I've let more than one simple ad for a blog or website pass by here at Molly's Blog (as long as it wasn't commercial), but the impolite and offensive way in which this fool puts his tag at the end of multiple posts gets my goat. I went to the site mentioned, and I found out that others have complained of him doing the same thing. There is such a thing as an "habitual criminal", and I guess that there are also "habitual idiots". If Mr. "Hammer" wants to do the NDP a great kindness he will desert to the Conservatives and embarrass them.


Ryan said...

Ugh. That guy has appeared on my blog, just to tell me about his blog with the same asinine vocabulary.

I'm cool with critiques of all parties, I just hate hyperpartisan bullshit.

Who knows, maybe he's already a conservative out to discredit the NDP ;)

mollymew said...

If I was of a paranoid frame of mind I'd think so as well.

Stephen said...

He also spammed one of my blogs.

HammertimeGP said...

molly take a pill idiot do I have to spell it out in public for you(numbnuts) we are on the same side of justice and quality etc etc etc and if you came to my site to post your blog I would have you with open arms being a NEW DEMOCRAT??????? but you are paranoid and braindead you are phoney liberal only a person with that mentality would spew the insult to HAMMERTIME a NEW DEMOCRAT for 43 yrs and fighting for economic and social justice just like you FOOL!!!! GET A LIFE my fellow comrade?????????

mollymew said...

Please go away because you are insane, in addition to being ìlliterate. We are NOT on the same side. If you would read THIS blog you would see that it is an anarchist blog, ie socialism WITHOUT the state. THIS is the ONLY comment that I will allow from you(ie NO more spamming your address), though you can argue here as much as you like. I will delete EVERY piece of your insanity. I do suggest, however, that you take your medication before you reply. As my good friend Anwar Sadat once said of his opponent Ghaddfi, you are 100% insane and possessed of the devil``.`STOP demonstrating it.

HammertimeGP said... so you stand for nothin but noise but to have power you have to be in power thats where we differ BONE HEAD and you are the sick bastard typical anarcist braindead from the neck up. example if CCF/NDP TOMMY C DOUGLAS did not have power do you think you would have MEDICARE etc etc etc today NUMBNUT YOU STUPID PYLON molly is, who's your cousin MIKE HARRIS??????? VOTE NDP/NPD RE-ELECT NDP TONY MARTIN MP idiot molly that is!!!!!!!!!

mollymew said...

This fellow's grasp of the English language continues to amaze me. I take it back...DON'T TAKE YOUR MEDICATION. Those drugs seem to have some very bad side effects.

Exchanges like this are always good for a few giggles, and in my darker moods they provide me with reassurance that politics other than anarchism is also plagued by crazies.
Hey, I've even learned that the word "pylon" can be used as an insult, rather than as a noun describing somnething used for electrical transmission. I wonder what mental maelstrom this one spun up from.

Werner said...

I've run into this guy also. I doubt that even the NDP wants people like this on their "side" but who knows? It says something about the lunacy that still infects the "left" from time to time although I had hoped that those days were over for the most part.