Friday, December 14, 2007

Molly has blogged on the state of the Winnipeg Indymedia site before. To make a long story short the "open publishing" policy of many indymedias across the world has made them an easy prey to the neo-Nazis who have little else to do than sit in their parents' basements and jerk off to pictures of the Nuremberg rallies. "Zionist-this" and "Zionist-that" come to dominate the boards and drive away those who might want such sites to serve a useful, rather than psycho therapeutic, function. Many have been shut down. The site here in Winnipeg was for awhile, but then it was reopened with NO reform whatsoever. There are literally no local stories on the site, and posts from the commies and the insane come as a blessed relief from the daily drivel of the evils of the Zionists and their conspiracies and those who want to argue with these nuts. Like the Bourbons Winnipeg Indymedia has forgotten nothing and learned nothing. Their latest incarnation is just as disgusting as it has been for years.
Speaking of "forgetting nothing and learning nothing", Molly was astonished to see that a recent post of hers about 'This Site' was deleted, presumably by the editors. The "editor" won't forget that I have criticized the site before.But they still won't learn from the fact that nobody feels iot is worthwhile to post local news to this playpen anymore.She found that it was indeed deleted by doing a Google search which showed that it had be killed while some of the comments on it remained. It was unfindable by searching the Winnipeg Indymedia site itself. She has reposted another comment tonight titled "I Cannot Believe It', and we'll see how long THIS post lasts there. THIS, of course, on a site that allows a post from a "pro-Zionist" to show up a total of sixty-four times, one after the other. Not that the Zionist defenders are the only offenders. The neo-Nazis have employed the same tactic on said site before.
Yeah, I challenged the "editors" (or is it one person only) to show a little courage and get rid of this nonsense. I guess that this was "offensive". Well, my later post is much more offensive, and I hope that the posting on this blog will be even more so. If the so-called 'editor" of Winnipeg Indymedia is so mindless as to let his efforts be a platform for Nazism then such a site doesn't deserve to exist. If he is also mindless enough to cheer on attempts by misguided leftists to physically attempt to shut down not just Nazis but ordinary rightwing nutbars to speak in public- using nothing but their own efforts and money- then all that I can say is that he should be a poster boy for the fact that many leftists have the minds of a chicken (in the neurological rather than courage sense). If the so-called "editor" of Winnipeg Indymedia cannot see what is wrong in presenting a platform solely devoted to Nazis and those who want to argue with them then I suggest he take a class in tying shoelaces and putting his gotch on right side out.
Yeah, I'm pissed. One of my favourite memories is one of my mother backing an old fart member of the SS across a farmyard, feeding him bullshit about how she was Jewish,and chilling his foul rotten soul about how she was going to report him to immigration. For the record my mother's family (she was born in Russia) had no Jewish connections, but we hate Nazis as much as any Jew can(yeah,really!!). I really cannot stand those who mindlessly give a platform for the juvenile imitators of that particular band of murderers.
So, check out the Winnipeg Indymedia site referenced above and see what you think.

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Werner said...

I agree that many Indymedia sites are not all they could be ... to put things diplomatically. What I'm curious about is not just the kinds of people who spout the "Israel versus Islam" stuff over and over and over but WHY would anyone with the technical competence to build an IMC site BE ASSOCIATED with psycho-babblers and poli-sc majors? About six years ago I posted a comment on an Indy site in New York and decided a week later that I would like this to be deleted. The reasons aren't really important anymore and at the time I thought this would be a very simple business . I posted my request to an email address and then got shifted around between three different people/groups. It got ridiculous after a time. Then I got pissed off and said to one of these "authorities" that I would like to know WHO was in charge there. I received some snotty comment about " We don't have anyone in charge. We are a collective" blah,blah,blah. Then this person said " I should just learn to live with it" ... just like some pea brained social worker type looking down on poor people. Probably what was happening was that this political commissar was not CAPABLE of doing anything of a technical nature. That's usually how it works with these "awareness" mafioso characters. People who don't know a synapse from a semiconductor or a carburetor from a capacitor who desperately want to run the lives of productive people.