Wednesday, December 19, 2007

For the past few months the CNT-f (the non-AIT anarchosyndicalist union federation in France) has been following and reporting on the struggles of French students against the Sarkozy government's proposed "reform" of university governance in France. Many demonstrations and occupations of premises have occurred, often to be met by police violence. The following is a appeal from the French CNT dated today that calls for financial assistance for students who have recently been arrested and charged during the course of the struggle. The source (en francais) is the public information newsletter of the CNT. To subscribe either go to the CNT-f website or to .
"For some weeks demonstrations have taken place in France against the Pecrease law on university autonomy.
On the 29th of November in Caen 1500 students and high school students were evicted from the education offices by the police. They were truncheoned, gasses and fired on with flash-balls. Five were arrested and a number were injured. The day after 50 peaceful demonstrators protesting in front of the police station were charged and chased by the police for 200 meters. Two were arrested. On December 13th a young person was again arrested after a peaceful demonstration.
In all 8 people have been arrested. The trails are going to take place. We are appealing for financial solidarity with the accused to help them pay lawyers' fees, court costs and fines. Cheques in support (to the order of the SIA with a note saying "for the support of the accused from the end of 2007/ Soutien aux inculpes de fin 2007" on the back) can be sent via CNT
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