Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Issue number 27(fall and winter 2007) of the anarchist newsletter 'Any Time now:For Social Anarchism' is now available in both print format and as a downloadable pdf at the zine's website. To view the magazine online go to said website. To order a print copy send a donation to Any Time Now, c/o Affinity Place. Argenta BC V0G 1B0, Canada.

The latest issue begins with a retrospect by the founder, Larry Gambone, on the last 10 years of ATN's life (it existed in a previous form before that), how the anarchist movement has grown and also matured. It gives a basic history of the politics of ATN, and how it defined itself as non-sectarian and committed to outreach to ordinary practical people. Often the second imperative overcame the first as ATN has not been loath to criticize what it saw as destructive trends in anarchism. What ATN has always promoted are, as Gambone says, "practical, people-oriented syndicalist, anarchist communist, communitarian and mutualist groups", something that has grown exponentially in the last decades while the supporters of terrorist options, violence, primitivism, half-baked 'post-leftism' and simple plain craziness have lost ground. While being firmly "left-anarchist", ATN has also extended a hand to the growing number of 'left-libertarians' in the USA who, however much they may differ from traditional anarchists in philosophy end up supporting the same things in terms of practical politics. Gambone ends his introduction with a statement of what he sees the role of ATN as being in the new situation of a growing anarchism, and he reaffirms the role of this zine as one of bridge-builder, independent of but supportive of all the truly constructive trends in this growing movement. An independent !!! voice that can go beyond organizational loyalties, criticize where it is needed and try and build sympathy amongst different groups when that is what is needed.

The latest ATN contains a lot more than just the introduction, 'Ten Years After'. There are excerpts from 'Why I Am an Anarchist', originally published in The Cunningham Amendment, an article 'The Witch Hunts' (on the European witch craze)from the Purple Thistle Centre of Vancouver and a general update on the state of anarchism in the UK. There's also an article 'Eminent Domain' on the ability of government, and big business via the government, to expropriate property for some presumed "higher use", and also a report on the recent formation of the BC Anarchist Writers' Group. One of the editors, Dick Martin, weighs in with his opinions of decision making in 'Consensus/Democracy', being on neither one side or the other but rather pointing out how these two different processes belong in two different realms. Or rather of how consensus is the "fine structure" of larger direct democracy organizations. The issue concludes with an article, 'A Journey Through Three Anarchist News Providers' , comparing the A-Infos, LibCom and Anarkismo internet sites. The author is the same little overweight calico cat who meows at you here.

There's lots more in this issue. Short news items. Reviews of other publications. Much more. See the website http://www.atnzine.net for more details and the complete issue.

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