Monday, December 17, 2007

Linchpin is the publication of the newly formed Ontario anarchist communist organization 'Common Cause'. Their publication is available both in a print format and in a downloadable pdf format at their website. The organization is new and barely tied yet, but they have made remarkable efforts in their project of getting anarchism in their province away from cultism and disorganization and towards a relevance to ordinary people. The first issue of their publication covers a wide field. It leads off with 'One Law for the Rich', comparing the leniency offered a millionaire club owner and sexual offender to the severity of the prosecution of Shawn Brant, a Mohawk activist. They include a basic statement of their politics under the heading 'As We see It' and an article 'Afghanistan"Climates of Fear' that intelligently challenges the government propaganda that justifies Canada's participation in this American war.
Linchpin #1 also has an article 'True Democracy' about the differing meanings of the term "democracy", and what anarchists mean by it and reviews of the Hamilton Workers' Art and Heritage Centre and the book 'The Rebel Sell'. It concludes with 'When Property Doesn't Apply', an investigation of the government theft of native lands, especially as it relates to the Mohawks. the centrepiece of the issue is an interview with Bruce Allan, vice-president of the CAW Local 199 at General Motors in St. Catherine's. Entitled 'Sweetheart Deals and Solidarity Unionism', this one article would be important enough for publication on its own, no matter all else in the paper. The interview takes off from the recent sweetheart deal of the Canadian Auto Workers with the management of Magna International and the reasons behind it. Allan is totally realistic about the state not just of the auto industry but of the Canadian union movement in general. Neither triumphalist nor despairing, the interview actually points a way forward, albeit a way that will be long and involve a lot of hard work, to rebuild the Canadian union movement. Molly would recommend this article highly.
As I have said, Linchpin is available as a downloadable pdf at the website. Go on over, and give them a hand. One of the best efforts coming out of North America today. Mercifully free of jargon, and moving towards popularity.


Larry Gambone said...

My sentiments exactly. I finally figured out how to run off copies so I will distribute them around here. Have you sent them an ATN?

Mollymew said...

No, I haven't yet. They have no mailing address, as I mentioned in a previous review of their website. Too bad. These people have seemingly done wonders in recruitment and organization, but I suspect it is all through friendship networks to date. Sooner or later they will have to have a real world presence outside of meetings where those unacquinted with "anarchist circles" can come to meet real, live breathing people. A mailbox is, of course, no such thing, but it is a step. Or perhaps using one of the infoshops as a maildrop would be a better idea.

cybermarx said...

Thanks for your support folks! Do let us know if you're distributing or just want to get in touch. (

Common Cause Hamilton

Ontario said...

Glad you enjoyed the first issue, be sure to check out the 2nd issue that's available on the website now.

antrophe said...

Amazing! Thanks for such a kind review, the paper does take a bit of an effort - but we are getting into a smooth running with it, so we'll keep knocking it out! Glad to see you think its making an effort and hitting the spot in the right places.

mollymew said...

Don't forget to check out the review of issue # 2 on January 29 here at Molly's Blog.