Thursday, December 20, 2007

As Molly has blogged on this board before the Winnipeg Info-Usurpa mailing list provides at least minimal coverage of upcoming local radical events here in 'Winterpeg'. Unlike the incredibly useless Winnipeg Indymedia which is nothing but a forum for Nazis and those who wish to argue with them- whose "events" calender, when it is nothing more than reposts from the Nazis, is borrowed from Vancouver for a reason I cannot comprehend. Once before Winnipeg Indymedia got snotty with the local Info-Usurpa, saying that they merely "duplicated" their own events calender and refusing to put their posts up (while, of course, leaving up all the distressing Nazi posts- those bugger(s ?) have a weird idea of of "freedom of speech"). In any case Winnipeg Info-Usurpa has at least minimal local weekly coverage. Their latest bulletin (produced every Tuesday gives events upcoming at the Emma Goldman Grassroots Centre, Mondragon and their own spot, the Bike Dump. Check it out. Of particular interest is the upcoming Open House at Mondragon, 91 Albert St, this Sunday from 12 to 5 pm. Drop on down to celebrate Winnipeg's anarchist info-centre. Info-Usurpa also includes a few brief news items in each of their bulletins. Check it out at

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