Friday, December 03, 2010

Well it seems like the flood of links from the conservative blog 'Small Dead Animals' is over,and I'm back to my usual visits (about 150/day). SDA has done this before, and I actually appreciate the opportunity to explain anarchism to those who will see nothing about it except play acting riots. After the over 1500 hits from SMA I hope that I have convinced at least three people to investigate the idea beyond what is spread to them from the conservative media. To be honest I received an actual intelligent conservative post (alongside a lot of nonsense that reminds me of he worst sent out by my own "comrades") Yes, a lot of conservative beliefs depend upon ignorance, but so do a lot of leftist beliefs as well. That is simple sad history. I know how to answer the intelligent conservative bit by bit, but I must sat that I am pleased beyond measure about the attractiveness of this blog to "non-anarchists". That really my great goal.
As to other matters I am continuing the editing of my links. It's is coming close to the situation where "facebook pages" outnumber actual websites or blogs. Is this a good thing ? I have my doubts. Hence 'Molly's Blog' is the central site for what I want to say, not my facebook page. What dies Facebook lack ? Obviously content, and blogs can have such content. That is why this blog will stay as it is, whatever the fact that I announce a lot of things over at Facebook.
Usually nothing of great importance. but sometimes Facebook is usable. Blogger has its advantages, but so does Facebook. Interesting contrast.

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