Thursday, December 02, 2010


Happening next Tuesday, a 'noise demo' in Toronto sending a message to the corporate elite who are responsible for environmental degradation. Here's the promo...

Shaking Up the Financial District
Time Tuesday, December 7 · 4:00pm - 7:00pm

Location Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, ON


More Info
Shaking Up the Financial District:
Celebrating Community Sovereignty and Environmental Justice in Toronto

Think climate change is a problem?
Think tar sands are unacceptable?
...Tired of false solutions and undemocratic policy from government and industry?

***Please bring pots and pans for making noise and please dress up creatively to help rock the party!***

In opposition to the False Solutions promoted through the Copenhagen Accord, La Via Campesina, a global movement of peasant farmers, has called for 1000 Cancuns, an international day of solidarity actions on December 7th in support of the social movements in the global south who are converging on Cancun to fight for climate and environmental justice.

This summer we took to the streets of Toronto as part of ongoing struggle for economic and migrant justice, gender justice, environmental justice, indigenous sovereignty, and justice for our communities. By coming together as one diverse but united group, we showed how strong we can be. As the puppets of global capital were cowering behind security fences and hired thugs, the real power was in the streets... it was ours.

Now the same brokers of the global financial system are gathering in Cancun to continue negotiations for the next international climate treaty. Instead of working through the consensus process of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the large industrial countries have created their own side-agreement called the Copenhagen Accord and are now bullying everyone they can to submit to a deal which will be the doom of us all.

Canada sabotaged climate negotiations in Copenhagen while building the most destructive project on earth, the tar sands gigaproject. This year, the government of Canada undemocratically killed Bill C-311, the Climate Accountability Act, voted down Bill C-300 - an act to hold Canadian mining companies to account for human and environmental rights violations and signed an empty UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by excluding the right to Free, Prior and Informed Consent. Government and industry are digging up our country and the planet while ignoring the global climate crisis.

Fighting for climate and environmental justice means standing together to say we will not allow indigenous people to be forced off their land through carbon market forest deals, we will not allow the lives and health of poor people to be endangered while social programs are slashed, we will not let farmers have their crops threatened by unpredictable weather patterns and corporate control, will not allow forced migration of the inhabitants of small island and low-lying nations as their homelands drown under rising seas, we will not let our most valuable resources, be it clean water or sacred homelands go up for sale,and we will not let those in power to silence our fight for the justice for people and the planet, we call upon our allies to join us as we march on the financial district to MAKE SOME NOISE and remind them just who owns the streets in Toronto.

In Sol,
Environmental Justice Toronto

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