Sunday, December 19, 2010


Well, this would have been the greatest 'novelty gift' for the holidays that one could think of, but given the "efficiency" of our statist postal system if you ordered it today it would be unlikely to arrive anywhere outside of Japan before Ukrainian Christmas. And probably well after that. Something could be said here about the "need" for a government.

In any case here's a neat offer from the Japanese comrades at CIRA-Japana (the Japanese branch of the international anarchist documentation network). I'm thinking of ordering one myself.

CIRA-Japana 2011 Calendar for fundraiser‏

Anarchists Who Lived Through the War: Vol. 1

CIRA-JAPANA presents the 2011 calendar with the theme of anarchists who lived through the War (WWII).
Among anarchist collectives in the post-war Japan, “Japan Anarchist Federation” whose members had mostly been active since the pre-war era and “Japan Anarchist Club” which diverged from the former were prominent ones. You will see old and rare pictures of eleven anarchists and one anarchist newspaper for each month. Those who are featured in the calendar are such as Ishikawa Sansirô, Iwasa Sakutarô, and Kondô Kenji, who played an important role along these collectives. It also highlights Yagi Akiko who pursued her freedom.
A4 size, 28 pages, with a time-line chart, English summary for each month.
Price: 1500 yen include postage.
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