Monday, December 06, 2010



Tomorrow there will an "online day of solidarity" with the unemployed in the USA. Here's the story and appeal from the AFL-CIO Blog.

Join Online Day of Solidarity with the Jobless Dec. 7
by Mike Hall, Dec 3, 2010

Republican lawmakers continue to hold hostage vital unemployment insurance survival help for millions of jobless workers, vowing to keep the Senate gridlocked until the nation’s wealthy are guaranteed continued tax breaks.

More than 900,000 workers already have lost their unemployment insurance since Republicans pulled the plug Nov. 30. Every day another 38,000 job-seekers lose their unemployment insurance.

So please join us Tuesday, Dec. 7 for an online day of solidarity with the jobless via Facebook and Twitter. It’s simple.

•Update your status on Facebook and Twitter to say you’re “in solidarity with jobless workers.”
•Sign our petition urging Congress to extend emergency unemployment aid here.
•Change your Facebook and Twitter profile pictures with images here.
Click here for complete instructions.



Please go to this link to add your name to the following petition.

"Letting emergency unemployment benefits expire will hurt our fragile economy just as we're struggling to recover. With five job hunters for every one opening, long-term unemployed workers need uninterrupted help to keep food on the table. I urge you to renew the federal unemployment insurance programs immediately!"

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