Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Here's an interesting event beginning today in Winkler and ending on the 21st in Memorial Park here in Winnipeg...the 'Walk for the Shelters'. The cause is the support of shelters for battered women in Winkler and in Winnipeg, and you can see more about it at the walk's website.

Yes, I know, I know, I know. The purists out there amongst the anarchists will complain about any event that asks for more government money, and doubtless they are right in an abstract sense. Yet, this is one of many situations where the government actually doles out its funds to things that are useful, and there is little immediate prospect of funding coming from elsewhere. Aside from the absurdity of waiting for the revolution that will never come there are, of course, other solutions that could be applied in the intermediate to long term. One would be to expand the category of "tax credits" such that donations to certain things would be deductible from income tax.

This is certainly not an impossibility, merely something that would be difficult to get enacted in anything but the very long term. Especially when so much of the opposition to our conservative rulers are either just as statist as they are or are under the delusion that protest is all that has to be done. Yet it would go very far to making the operation of such worthy things as shelters for battered women independent of state control. It's an idea well worth considering.

Here's the story from the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) about their support for this walk.

CUPE Respect Campaign supports Walk for the Shelters
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WINNIPEG – CUPE’s Respect Campaign is honoured to support Steve Braun’s Walk for the Shelters as he walks from Winkler to Winnipeg to raise money for two women’s shelters, drawing attention to the fact that women’s shelters across Manitoba lack the funding necessary to provide adequate services to victims of domestic violence.

On August 17 at 9:00 a.m., Steve Braun will begin his 150 kilometre walk. Kathy Macdonald, president of CUPE Local 2343 and member mobilizer for the CUPE Respect Campaign, will be walking alongside Steve during part of his four-day journey which will conclude on August 21 at Memorial Park.

“I’m proud to walk alongside Steve in his quest to make people aware of just how under-funded our women’s shelters really are,” said Kathy Macdonald. “These shelters need adequate resources to provide women and children who are victims of domestic violence a safe alternative.”

CUPE Manitoba represents social services workers in women’s shelters across Manitoba. The goal of the Respect Campaign is to raise the profile of what CUPE members contribute to the people in their care and for their communities.

“In a perfect world, shelters would receive adequate funding from the provincial government and efforts like Steve’s would not be necessary,” said Kathy Macdonald. “Sadly that is not the case. I’m very impressed with the leadership Steve has shown on this issue.”

The funds raised by the Walk for the Shelters will go directly to address staff and resource shortages at the IKWE-WIDDJIITIWIN shelter in Winnipeg and Genesis House in Winkler.

For more information about the Walk for the Shelters or to make a donation, please visit the Walk for the Shelters website.

For more information, contact:

Liam Martin
Communications Representative
Tel: (204) 612-0901

Kathy Macdonald
Respect Campaign Member Mobilizer
Tel: (204) 942-0343, ext. 214

Sheree Capar & Allan Bleich
Social Service Coordinators
Tel: (204) 942-0343

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