Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Molly has blogged before on the union busting tactics of the Kildonan Personal Care Home here in Winnipeg. As the following new story from the CBC relates management's tactic of redefining workers as "management" seems to have reached some record height in this case where there will be 14 workers and 13 managers. The Manitoba Nurses Union has filed a case with the provincial labour board. We can only wish them well. This sort of scenario belongs on a Monty Python sketch.
Union busting alleged at care home

The Manitoba Nurses Union is accusing a Winnipeg care home of union busting and is taking its case to the provincial labour board.

Last November, a group of nurses at the Kildonan Personal Care Centre joined a union. Their positions were recently eliminated but the company has now reposted the jobs.

However, the jobs are now classified as management positions, which makes them ineligible for union representation, according to MNU president Sandy Mowat.

"They reposted them, adding some little added duties to them to make them what they believe are management-type positions now," she said.

"And then they're saying that because they're manager positions they don't belong in the union."

If all position are filled as management, there will be 13 managers overseeing 14 nurses at the facility, Mowat said.

The labour board will hear the case in November.

The 120-bed personal care home is located on Henderson Highway in North Kildonan.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/manitoba/story/2010/08/10/mb-union-busting-care-home-winnipeg.html#ixzz0wGUTaJm4

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