Saturday, August 07, 2010


Here's an more or less original Molly joke (well I have to admit that it has been retooled).

Parliament was adjourned, and the leaders of the main parties were walking together down the street on the way to the bar. Steven Harper was quite pleased with himself and walked slightly less stiffly than usual. Michael Ignatieff was fretting and fussing and trying to imagine himself in something so plebeian as a bar, and Jack Layton was busy combing his moustache over and over and over. Gilles Duceppe was, of course, making his way to the bar by a separate route.

The leaders rounded a corner, and they suddenly saw a little girl on the sidewalk with a sign..."free kittens". Ah, too sweet, and each leader rushed to the little girl trying to show that they had an ounce of humanity in them, elbowing each other all the way. The little girl drew back a blanket to show three kittens, and she said,

"This one is a conservative kitten; this one is a liberal kitten; and this one is an NDP kitten"

The leaders were thrilled.

"Can we have them now ? Are they really free ?"

Steven Harper was most disturbed by that sort of thing. He considered sending CSIS after the little girl for being subversive, but being really sneaky he thought better of it. The prison camp and interrogation for her later. Both Ignatieff and Layton were willing to take them for free but tax the little girl later. With daily interest of course. She'd obviously violated some Rev Can regulation and was obviously an easy mark. Happy debt little girl. Good luck in paying it off in the next 20 years.

"Yes" the little girl said, "but you'll have to come back three weeks later because they aren't old enough to go yet".

Sure enough three weeks later all three leaders showed up at the same street corner, and the little girl was there. She drew back the blanket on her basket.

"Look at them. aren't they cute. This is anarchist kitten number one, this is anarchist kitten number two, and this is anarchist kitten number three."

The leaders were stunned. Finally the "intellectual" of the bunch, Ignatieff, managed to blurt out,

"But three weeks ago you said that there was a Conservative, a Liberal and a NDP kitten. Why are they all 'anarchist kittens' today ?"

With her innocent blue eyes blinking the little girl looked up at the leaders and said,

"Their eyes are open now".

The little girl later claimed political asylum with Sweden. The kittens grew up to be skilled ratters, and needless to say this made politicians very nervous.


Lucid Glow said...

That IS funny. The three statesmen wouldn't appreciate it, of course.

mollymew said...

Did I mention that when they made it to the bar they were kicked out for agressive behavior ?