Thursday, June 25, 2009

'Neda' was the name of the young woman who was murdered by the Iranian security forces a few days ago, and her name and story have become legend for the Iranian opposition. the following is a poetic tribute from the Iranian.Com website. Molly also wants to recommend the Anonymous Iran website for continued updates of the events in Iran in both English and Farsi.

Neda's Song
by Tina Ehrami

Her name was Neda, she was only 16

She was a young girl who got caught in between

A bullet and her flesh and some place serene

And now Iran will never be as it’s been

Her name was Neda and she wanted to show

That fear of death wouldn’t keep her below

And now all of you will come to know

How far Iran’s people are willing to go

She’d been shouting and running, days on end

She didn’t go to school or work, days on end

She called out for justice, days on end

But in the end for her it was just the end

She did what she could to get back what she lost

She wanted her vote back that someone’d tossed

But it’s a damn shame that this is what it cost!

It’s a damn shame, but if we must, we must

Her name was Neda, she was only 16

There was still so much that she should’ve seen

But she’d seen enough, even as a teen

She was so tired of things as they had been

Her name was Neda and she was taken too soon

She was a beautiful child, her parent’s full moon

But from now that moon will glow red and maroon

So that people will start singing in a different tune

She took that bullet in her heart, for you and for me

She wanted a better tomorrow, for you and for me

Her name means ‘sign’ and this’s one for you to see

That freedom’s worth dying for, so fight to be free!

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