Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Coming up this Saturday, June 13, join the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) and their allies in protesting the "condofication" of Toronto's Cabbagetown neighbourhood. Here's the notice.
Saturday June 13th- WE WON'T BE PUSHED OUT!:‏
Condos in Regent Park go on sale Saturday June 13th-come out & help make the 'gentrification' crowd unwelcome to the neighborhood!
Parliament & Dundas, South-East Corner (in front of Regent Park Health clinic)
Saturday June 13th - 11:30 AM
Challenging the Lie of the 'Mixed Neighbourhood'
The Cabbagetown area has been a low income community for a hundred years. At the end of the Second World War, a large part of the area was demolished to make way for Regent Park, the largest public housing project in Canada.Today, David Miller and the developers are working to gentrify this area and destroy it as a home for poor people. They have similar plans for other Toronto Housing communities.
The condo development that is being created in place of Regent Park, is being billed as a 'mixed neighbourhood' where low income people will live side by side with middle class condo owners. Yet already, the number of rent geared to income units in this first phase of 'redeveloped' Regent Park is less than was promised and the continuing gentrification of this area will only increase the pressure to push out public housing tenants. In US cities, where similar plans have been put into effect, this has been the experience.
The destruction of Regent Park has been carried out as part of a developer led drive to make profits by pushing the poor out the central part of the City and building upscale housing on the land they take from them. We must defend public housing from this attack. Instead of letting housing projects fall into disrepair, we must demand they be repaired and maintained. In place of an oversupply of housing for higher income families, we need to fight for the creation of social housing for the tens of thousands on the waiting lists. We must defend the communities we live in and stop their being obliterated by developers and the politicians that serve their interests. The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
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