Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cheaper is not always better-or even worthwhile at all. In search of cheaper pharmaceuticals many consumers head down to the Walmart Pharmacy. Like a regular pharmacy Walmart will dispense generic drugs unless explicitly requested not to by the physician. There is, however, a question about the source of many of Walmart's generic drugs. Generic drugs are not necessarily worse than brand name items, and there are many reputable generic suppliers. does Walmart, however, buy exclusively from such reputable companies ? Apparently not, as the following item from the Wake Up Walmart site explains.
For more on the 'Ranbaxy Scandal' that the article refers to see the Wikipedia article on Ranbaxy Laboratories and this article from the American Enterprise Institute.
Is Walmart taking unacceptable risks sourcing its prescription drugs?
Today we released a new report detailing how Walmart sources its much-touted $4 prescription medications from Ranbaxy, the disgraced Indian drug maker.

According to the Department of Justice, Walmart's supplier is responsible for introducing potentially "subpotent, superpotent, or adulterated" drugs into the market. Medications used by millions of Walmart shoppers could have contained active ingredients from unapproved sources, in unapproved blends, and in amounts weaker than FDA-approved doses.

Despite the company's shady dealings, Walmart saw fit to award Ranbaxy with its "prestigious" Outstanding Supplier Award. In fact, Walmart continues to source from the embattled Indian manufacturer even today.

Don't let Walmart play games with the health of millions. Help us blow the whistle on Walmart for its customers to medications made by its unscrupulous supplier.
Let your local newspaper know the truth about Walmart's irresponsible drug sourcing

Despite years of federal warnings concerning "systemic fraudulent conduct," Walmart continues to source cheap drugs from Ranbaxy. This revelation comes on the heels of extensive PR campaigning to brand Walmart as a global health care and ethical sourcing leader.

If Walmart is interested in providing safe products from responsible suppliers, why is it handing out awards to companies under investigation by the FDA and DOJ? It shows, yet again, that Walmart is interested in little more than its own bottom line.

America deserves to know that Walmart has grossly violated the trust of its customers. Help us put Walmart's misconduct into the public eye: read the report and spread the word.
Write a letter to the editor about Walmart's cozy relationship with Ranbaxy.
Don't let Walmart off the hook, take action today.
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