Sunday, June 07, 2009

The following item first came to Molly's attention via the Europe section of the Anarchist Black Cat Discussion board. It is originally from the International Queer Solidarity Network.
Solidarity with Queer Bulgaria: 27 June 2009:

The International Queer Solidarity Network calls for a European mobilization, with support from the United States, that will stand in solidarity with Queer Bulgaria. On June 28th 2008, neo-Nazi groups aggressively attacked the first LGBTQ Pride march in Sofia, Bulgaria. A week before the march, the Bulgarian National Alliance, the most visible nationalist organization in the country, called for a “week of intolerance.” The BNA strongly encouraged nationalistic groups to organize themselves against the right of the queer community in Bulgaria to peacefully march, which resulted in loosely organized violence during the festivities.(I find it pleasant that the other side can be at least as "loosely organized" as we anarchists all too often are-Molly)
BNA members and other neo-Nazis threw molotov cocktails and small explosives at the participants of the Pride march. Fortunately, no injuries were reported. However, more than eighty skinheads, including Boyan Rasate (head of the BNA) were arrested for their attempted harm and direct violence toward pride participants. This year neo-Nazi groups are once again organizing themselves against the march and Bulgarian queers’ ability to defend their human rights. The Bulgarian government not only tolerates but also encourages such attitudes. Two of the parties in the Parliament of Bulgaria are nationalistic and one of them, Ataka, called for “the men to beat up the gays.”
In addition, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria and head of the “socialist” party, Sergei Stanishev, subtly, through hidden sparks of hatred, said that he did not like the “manifestation and demonstration of such orientations.” Even though the rights of LGBTQ people in Bulgaria are protected by the constitution, this is yet more empty rhetoric in the hands of the powerful. The queer community refuses to give up its rights to a free assembly. There will be another Pride march on the 27th of June 2009. Let’s unite and stand together against the homophobic and transphobic state of Bulgaria and growing neo-Nazism in Europe.
The International Queer Solidarity Network calls for a European mobilization, with support from the United States, that will stand in solidarity with Queer Bulgaria. For more information on how you can help you can contact: or If you cannot attend the Pride, visit for more information on how you can help.
For those curious about what the International Queer Solidarity Network is all about see the following statement from their website.
About Us:
The International Queer Solidarity Network is a developing network of collectives and individuals working to strengthen the global movement of queer liberation. IQSN brings to light the injustices faced by the Queer community world-wide, and builds global solidarity with local struggles. IQSN is part of the larger movement building a world that is free from oppression of all people, including queer and trans people.
Points Of Unity:
* Our work thrives to provide a true sense of total liberation for everyone as we desire to live in a world that is free from discrimination, hatred and intolerance.
* We support a diversity of tactics, ranging from web-based and person-to-person education, to electoral/legislative campaigning to direct action and militant resistance.
* We stand in solidarity and support the tactics used by the community most affected.
* We oppose domination and hierarchy in all it’s forms.
* We value the skills and wisdoms(sic-Molly) possessed by the many different cultures in our world, and support the right to cultural self-determination.
* We believe that governments and institutions are violent and oppressive forces to queer and trans people and other marginalized peoples.
* As part of a global movement towards universal liberation, we recognize the interconnectedness of all forms of oppression. Queer and trans people will not be free until all people are free! and that means you, muthafuckas!!!
* We are in solidarity with all groups and individuals working to end oppression on institutional, socialized, and inter-personal levels.

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