Sunday, January 28, 2007

Molly's added quite a few more links to her blog recently. Almost all of them except that of the Movement of the Libertarian Left have been other blogs. As you may gather from the previous item I've also decided to add some libertarian (in the American sense) items to the contacts here, not because I necessarily agree with all that they say but because there is a wing of American libertarianism that is authentically anarchist and not just a front for minimal statism. They also present the case for individual liberty in a way that is often ignored not just amongst the "socialist anarchist" sector but also amongst some who claim the individualist label while tying it to things peripheral to anarchism. So here goes in no particular order. Those blogs that are libertarian are marked with an "(L)" after them.
A Rush and a Push
Anarcho Geek
Life During Capitalism
Wolfeblog (L)
Freeman (L)
The Doors of Deception (L)
@git Prop (L)
Anarchy Reloaded (L)
The Liberator (L)
Amor Y Resistencia
Many more to follow for sure,

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