Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kevin Carson has recently published an interesting article on his Mutualist Blog on the viability of the "alternative economy" ie the "consumers' and producers' co-ops, self employment, LETS systems, house gardening and other household production, informal barter,etc.". He introduces this article, published on January 18th, 2007 with an exerpt from the Ecodema Blog of Pierre Ducasse(see our links section under 'Blogs"), one time candidate for the NDP leadership who advocated and advocates a cooperative form of socialism as opposed to the statist form.
In his article Carson argues that the "counter-economy" can indeed be a viable alternative to our present economic system, to a large extent because it already is such a thing. Existence is very much an argument for possibility. He also argues for the need for further coordination of this economy as part of a viable mutualist strategy. Drop on over to the Mutualist Blog for the full article.

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Thanks for the link, Pat!
--Kevin Carson