Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Moon has just passed the first quarter (Jan 25th), and now is an excellent time to image the Mare Crisium, the feature labelled "12" in the map of the moon at the left. It is just to the "north" of the "Sea of Fecundity" and to the "east"(right) of the "Sea of Tranquillity" of moon lander fame. On the lower right of Crisium there is a cape like feature called the Promonitorium Agarum. Also to the left, about in the middle of the sea is the crater "Picard". Eat your heart out Jean Luc. Just on the left rim is the crater Yerkes, a little up from Picard. With a better pair of binoculars (or the telescope that I am too cowardly to set up in a wind chill of 34 below) you may be able to pick out the small Mare Anguis just to the upper right of the mare Crisium. The sea is a laval plain that flowed over previous impact features.

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