Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Molly has added a few more links to this blog in the last few days. Under the general 'Links' section is the Interactivist Info Exchange, something like an Indymedia without a locality but rather a subject- activism. It is an open source publishing site, but mercifully lacks at least one flavour of the cranks that infest some Indymedias. Under 'Other Interesting Sites' I have also included the IndyMedia Watch, not because I agree with all that it says but because it has some interesting things to say.
Meanwhile I've also added two new blogs to the list, the Lonestone Revolution and Anarchy Reloaded.
Finally, under the 'Scientific Links' section I've added the Carl Sagan Portal and the website of the Manitoba Naturalists' Society . More on both Sagan and the MNS later.

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